In 1934, when India’s struggle for freedom was at the forefront, Shri  Ramgopal  Maheshwari  founded the Hindi language newspaper Navabharat, in Nagpur.  The Navabharat Group, have always taken the dream of free India forward and tried to make it as whole. Navabharat has a solid foothold in journalism because of its unflinching conviction to transform the nation into a ‘New India’. Through our analysis, perspective and opinion about the subject Navabharat is able to provide an insight on serious issues to its diverse and discerning audience. Navabharat never wanted to keep language as the hurdle in the path of its dream of New India and so breaking the barrier it launched its Marathi daily ‘Navarashtra’. Being the new voice of Maharashtra, Navarashtra is published from three centers Nagpur, Mumbai and Pune along with its spread in the rural areas. The English daily of Navabharat Media group is known as ‘Central Chronicle’ which was started from Bhopal in the year 1957. Today Navabharat is circulated in 5 Indian States – Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Gujarat – and is considered one of the biggest circulated in central India with the 6th highest readership according to IRS. 

Our Vision 

Navabharat has been a visionary endeavor right from its beginning in the first half of the twentieth century. Our roots being in the independence movement, a dream of an India free of exploitation and injustice has always been close to us. Now as an independent country, India has attained many remarkable heights despite numerous setbacks, but there are countless aspirations that still remain unfulfilled. Living up to these expectations is Navabharat’s steadfast vision, and through all our businesses we are for a sustainable environment and an unprejudiced socio-economic growth.

For Latest Update

For those who don’t have access to our newspapers, for them we have Navabharat and Navarashtra e-paper website, where you can read the entire newspaper with different editions. Also for latest update along with Navabharat and Navarashtra’s Web Portal we have three applications namely Navabharat Shorts, Navabharat App & Navarashtra App.

 Digital Presence

Consumption of digital media is growing at a faster rate and majority of the world population is there on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.  Navabharat is also available to its users on these platforms.

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